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Rabbi Yehezkel Yosef Abulafia 

I am a baal teshuva Jew from Parkland, Florida, that is on a mission to help enlighten others as I was enlightened. I was born and raised with Reform Judaism, and was quite literally "in the dark" about most things relating to being Jewish. I used to think people walked to shul on shabbat, simply because they lived close to the temple. Now, I am immersing myself daily in the extremely rich and beautiful sacred texts and teachings of our Jewish heritage, and I am completely in awe of how much a person can grow and become his true self because of Torah. As a descendant of Avraham Abulafia, I have a deep passion to spread his teachings of Jewish meditation and spirituality, and I hope anyone interested will come hear what I have to say and experience an authentic Jewish meditation with me! 


More about Yehezkel:


Yehezkel’s journey began 10 years ago when on a Birthright trip to Israel.  Upon visiting Tzfat, he felt an immediate connection to the place and decided to begin exploring the mystical teachings he learned to be associated with the holy city. In exploring both Kabbalah and his own heritage, Yehezkel was able to trace his lineage back to the 13th century Kabbalist Avraham Abulafia ZT”L.  After studying in Yeshivot in both the United States and Israel, Yehezkel has returned to Tzfat where his journey first began. Him and his wife Mia have decided to dedicate their lives to living and sharing with other the endless beauty of Torah and life itself.  

His Vision:

Like the original Abulafia, Yehezkel believes that all Jews have the potential of reaching a state of prophecy. Moshe Rabbeinu himself wrote in the book of Devarim (Numbers): “Would that all the Lord’s people were prophets, that the Lord put His spirit upon them!”  Yehezkel hopes to bring as many people as possible to their higher levels of consciousness, creating a world of more enlightened, self-aware people. 


His Method:

Among the three branches of Kabbalah, Meditative Kabbalah is considered to be the ideal way for a student of Jewish mysticism to incorporate the ideas studied in Theoretical Kabbalah into their daily lives.  Yehezkel’s approach is based entirely on Jewish sources and focuses primarily on using mental images of the letters of the Aleph Bet to reach higher levels of consciousness.


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